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The engine is naturally noisier than the gasoline version when you're standing outside the vehicle, although of course there's none of the clatter If you can find a station selling it, the Touareg is certified for B5 biodiesel, as are all of Volkswagen's new Clean Diesel engines. … View Full Source

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Suppliers who must contend with noisier diesel engines, smaller vehicles, and weight reduction pressures due to higher fuel prices are somewhat ahead of their North … View This Document

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Locomotives) are generally noisier diesel-electric engines rather than the quieter electric, as is most frequently used in Western Europe. Fields (1979), in a British study, reported that … Return Doc

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Noise: Diesel engines are noisier. The combustion process is quieter in the petrol engine and it runs smoother than the diesel engine. Cost: Due to their heavy construction and injection equipment, diesel engines are more expensive than petrol engines. … View Full Source

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FF eruit lepelen, aansluiten en laat de turbo's maar fluiten. YEAH. Diesel power! fabioblazius 2 weeks ago in playlist Leopard 2 Engines Which is noisier? This one or the AGT1500 from the Abrams? … View Video

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Member of the biodiesel coop of Los angeles (with actress daryl hannah), thinks that ethanol is not the only answer to our fuel problem. "diesel engines create combustion from high compression rather than electric spark and can run on cruder oil," explains Pine. diesel engines are a little noisier but … Doc Viewer

2-cycle engines: These burn a mixture of gasoline and special oil. For their size and weight, these engines are more powerful than the 4-cycle kind. However, they also may be noisier and smokier. Diesel Engines: … Fetch Document

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H 2007 engines, I wouldn't be afraid to buy one or two or three." ad we Had we known two years ago what we do today.. to be done:–*The second most agreed with statement is that "diesel-powered cars are The second most agreed with statement is that "diesel-powered cars are noisier … Retrieve Here

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Another power source is diesel; a few trams use electricity in the streets and diesel in more rural Tram engines usually had modifications to make them suitable for street running in residential areas. Steel wheel trams are noisier than rubber-wheeled buses or trolleybuses when cornering if there are … Read Article

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Http://en.allexperts.com/q/Mitsubishi-Repair-824/2009/5/f/carbon-buildup-gdi-engines.htm http://en.allexperts.com/q/Mitsubishi-Repair-824/2009/5/f/Low-Idle-1.htm … Read Article

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And therefore tend to make engines noisier. In addition, the aim is to store heat in the Measurement on C-segment vehicle, 1.9 l diesel direct injection Extrapolation … View Doc

Propagation like in SI engine, hence multiple auto ignition mode makes CI engines much more noisier than SI engines. A higher ignition delay in diesel engine leads to a greater … Get Document

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Optional engines were a 327 CID V8 of 275 hp (205 kW), the 396 CID V8 of 350 hp (260 kW); or the Even so, the magazine stated that—for instance—the Bel-Air was "only slightly noisier than the Another new option for 1980-81 was the Oldsmobile-built 350 Diesel. … Read Article

About 2013 Dodge Dart Test Drive And Review
Both engines produce 160 horsepower; the 2.0 makes 148 lb-ft of torque, while the 1.4 turbo puts out The Dart isn't any noisier than the Honda Civic, but it certainly isn't as refined as the Ford Focus. Ford Super Duty 6.0 Liter Turbo Diesel; Ford Super Duty 6.0 Liter Turbo Diesel … Read Article

About New Laws Seek To Stifle Noisy Motorcycle Exhausts
They leave the engines on for 30 minutes then go driving off(agian loud) the exhaust fumes smell Best thing about a noisier pipe of quality is that it can be quiet when you cruise. There are many more cars with loud exhaust, loud music, as well as numerous diesel light trucks … Read Article

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Diesel engines are generally heavier, noisier and more powerful at lower speeds than gasoline engines. They are also more fuel-efficient in most circumstances and are used in heavy road-vehicles, some automobiles (increasingly more so for their increased fuel-efficiency over gasoline … Get Document

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Products in Europe, Asia, and North America from motorcycle oils, including 2 cycle, to diesel, and cautioned against the use of synthetic oils during the critical break-in period for piston engines The engine may become noisier and wear down faster due to the increased clearances. … Read Article

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• Heavier• Higher cost to manufacture • Noisier (marginally) • Requires more costly exhaust emissions treatment• Strong fuel smell if spilled Because of those factors, diesel engines are inherently more … Retrieve Doc

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2) Diesels are generally noisier than petrol engines, although you may not notice this when you’re in side the car, because diesel-powered cars are often well soundproofed. … Retrieve Doc